Further proof that Buddah is insane.

He doesn't like People food.

Now, granted, a lot of what People eat barely counts as food, but once in a while they make something that's not just edible, but quite tasty.

The other night the People had hamburgers, and the Man gave us each a tiny bite. It's not steak, but it's decent. I'm sure not turning it down. Buddah sniffed his and then walked away. Since it's not steak or shrimp, I can understand that. Plus, I got to eat it.

But tonight...tonight the Woman made this chicken that she cooked all day long in this really tasty creamy chicken soup--just the smell in the air has me drooling all day--and as long as we're good kitties and don't try to jump up on the table, we always get a bite. So when the Man was done--he was the last person done eating and we have to be good that long--he cut up a little bit and put some on our plates.

Buddah sniffed his, and walked away!

He's NUTS!

Worse, I didn't get to eat it. The Woman said I had enough on my own plate and made the Man pick Buddah's plate up before I could get to it. He threw it away! They wasted good chicken!

Now clearly this is the Woman's fault, and if I wasn't curious about what's on the menu for tomorrow, I'd punish her. But it might be something really good, so I better not.

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