Look who came to see me yesterday!

Posted by Max | Posted on 5/02/2017 04:55:00 PM

The Grandma, the Younger Human, and his Significantly Significant Other Half. I wasn't especially sociable because no one was offering me anything to eat which upset me, but I was still happy to see them. They all went out to eat and when they came back the Woman smelled like Red Stupid Drinks and she brought back steak for me, so it was a really great night for me. It was a good night for the Woman, too, because she had dinner with her favorite people...and had lots to drink.

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And no damn dog Butters! We say SCORE!

Steak?? YUM!

Ooooooooo! Real live fresh dead steak and the grandma and the younger human and his significantly significant other half! You did score!

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