How I'm Working Lately

Posted by Max | Posted on 5/25/2017 12:19:00 PM

Like this:

I'm not old enough for some of the things going into the next book. In fact, there are parts the Woman has to write for me, because I have never participated in activities of the bouncy kind, which means I may have to give her a byline. ON THE COVER. But maybe in tiny print, because the rest of it will totally be mine.

And the hardback version of Forked is available now, and I have 10 on hand for those who want pawtographed copies. Just look in the sidebar, just under the picture of the cover. If more than 10 sell, I can get more. I have a few paperback copies, too.

And the biggest thing...


I am heartbroken.

Chey was one of The Originals, the long time cat bloggers, of which few are left. I honestly thought I would go to the Bridge before she did, and when the Woman told me that Chey just hadn't bounced back from how awful she's been feeling lately, my heart just cracked.

Chey was going to change the world. Y'all remember when she and Derby ran for President and VP back in 2008? They totally would have won, if not for speciism. They would have made this world a far, far better place. And now it's a little bit dimmer for not having them here.

I now that sooner rather than later I'll see her and all our other friends that have gone on before us, but for now, I'm going to let myself feel sad. Just for a bit. And then I'll have a snack, something fishy because she loved her fishy flakes, and I'll take a nap.

I'll miss you, Chey. But party on. I know there's a massive to-do going on at the Bridge to welcome you there. I can hear it from here, echoing in the space where the sliver of my heart was, the one shaped like you.

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Losing Chey was hard..

Thank you for your tribute Max. Chey would be perfectly happy for you to have your favorite treat, rather than something fishy if you prefer. Cause that way it would have left more fishy flakes for her!

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My deepest sympathies to Chey's family. It must be really difficult to bear the loss of such a sweet furbaby!

Time really marches on, doesn't it? We are sad about Chey too.

Hey, isn't that Buddah's hangout?

Sorry to hear about your pal Chey.

Chey was a furrier of DMM an' all of the Original Blogging Kitties. Mine Lady's heart broke a bit more after we read your tribute.

I'm so sorry Max for your loss. Although, I didn't know Chey, it seems the world must surely have lost someone special. My heart goes out you and Chey's family.

Yeah, me and mum's hearts are broke too. Mum is leaky eyed from reading your tribute. We lost someone special.

a wonderful tribute....we know she was well met

Just too much loss lately. I'm the same age as Chey and I'm counting on a good five more years. She week be dearly missed.
--Jasper McKitten-Cat