The chair is still there...

Posted by Max | Posted on 5/07/2017 10:31:00 PM

This was taken in the middle of the night. The lights in the living room were off so the Woman used the flash on her phone, which normally ticks me off but didn't bother me too much this time. She says it makes the picture look like an old Polaroid. I think it just looks like I'm sleepy and want her to go away.
* * * * *
Oh, and I looked at Forked on Amazon, and it looks like they linked the less expensive version to the Kindle version, so it's good to go. We'll work on getting paperback editions of the first two books to show up as being sold by Amazon instead of from 3rd party sellers only this week. BUT YOU'VE READ THEM ALREADY, RIGHT??? Of course you have.

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Dad just tried taking a picture in the dark of me sitting on the arm of his chair. He failed, as I turned and jumped down a split second before the damn thing flashed. Next time dad, next time... Happy new week to y'all!

Poor sleepy kitty. ❤
Great picture though.

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We like that picture, Max. You have the chair and Buddah has just a hard box!