The End Is Near...

Posted by Max | Posted on 11/11/2014 02:13:00 PM

Well, sort of. The end of the writing of the book, that's what's near. It's pretty much in the can; the editor lady has poked through it and declared it acceptable and the Man has poked through it looking for typos, and a friend of the Woman has poked through it because she whines if she doesn't get to read stuff early and says the editor lady is bat crap crazy for the major cuts she wanted, and I'm just sitting here waiting for the humans to get their chit together and turn the manuscript into a real book.

The only real hiccup is that there is no cover yet. Well, nor a title. It's had a working title from the very start, but it no longer fits the book.

That'll all come together over the weekend, I think.

In any case, 90% of it is done, it's just the particulars to be dealt with...and it should be available in plenty of time for Christmas.

Now, one thing I ask you guys about before was if you wanted Buddah to write a chapter...and we started out thinking it would work and it would be funny, but it honestly did not fit the format of the book, so in lieu of that he wrote the forward. I've never had a forward before, I don't think. I hope you guys like it, because he's 12 kinds of excited about it.

So, soon. There will be a bouncing baby book soon, and maybe I'll have more time to actually blog more often.

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How very exciting that you get a forward. I, um, don't even have a book although the woman keeps turning them out. This is wrong on so many levels. You have clearly trained your person better than I.

Looking forward to it Max!


Debbie from Glogirly Designs did my cover design and was great to work with. :-)

So exciting! Concats~!

Very cool! And my human wanted to remind your human that she should apply for CWA. She'll be more than happy to sponsor.

How awesome, Max!

Awesome, dood! I can hardly wait cause I have Christmas presents in mind and your books are the best present I could give someone! Will you pawtograph it again?

I will put your new book on my wish list for Christmas, Max. A forward by little bro. Can't wait to chuckle at that one!

You have definitely hit the big time. Hardly any fun book gets to have a forward. There's probably a law saying only really serious books should have them. So congratulations for making the boundaries smaller. Maybe you've started a trend.

Um, tell the editor lady that Buddah's part is called the "Foreword". :) And I'm looking "forward" to all parts of it!

We hope to get another pawtographed copy for our collection Max. (Both of your's would be nice, but we understand if Buddah won't sit for that!!)

We were finally going to post your Mousebreath interview tomorrow, but we see this is going to be a busy weekend, so we will wait and post it next Friday. We'll send you an email next week. Have a good weekend.

We want the book NOW.

Nugget and Sophia

Hmmm... Iffen WE ever write a whole book, we will be sure to avoid editors. They sound woofish...