And Now, A Moment of Buddah...

Posted by Buddah | Posted on 11/30/2014 11:16:00 AM

Oh! Oh! Oh! It's me, BUDDAH! Max says that since my own blog just gathers dust and people seem to like me and want to hear from me that every now and then he's going to let me pot of his blog and also because he's getting old he worries that when he goes to the Bridge it will just sit here and rot so I have to prove that I am worthy of the Psychokitty blog but the he said not to look forward to it too much because even though he's old he still plans on being here for a good 5 years and maybe more but that's okay because I just want to write something every once in a while.

I'm kind of surprised he picked now to let me write because last night after we had dinner we started to play a game of Thundering Herd of Elephants and I kind of forgot we were playing and I grabbed him with my mighty teeth and dropped him to the floor and then he started growling and we started bunny-kicking and he growled louder and the Dad stomped down the hall and the Mom threw a box of tissues so that it would hit the floor right by me but not on me to make me let go, and then Max ran away and I sat there with a mouthful of Max fur but no one got in trouble because Max started the game and he wasn't hurt, just upset, and I didn't gag on his fur even though I had a lot of it stuck to my tongue.

After that he went to hide in his nook by the fireplace which is now hidden mostly by the little Doctor Who Christmas tree which might be his favorite thing ever and I went to lay under the big Christmas tree in the other room which will be my favorite thing once someone puts down the soft velvety blanket thingy that goes under it.

But yay! I get to join Max's blog! I don't know how often I'll get to write but it's better than nothing! And I still write on Facebook a couple times a week, too!

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Nice to hear from you Buddah. Good job!

Oh, hi, Buddah!! Glad we get to hear from you from time to time. We miss your cute black face!

Hi Buddah, nice to read you on Max' blog :)
we are excited to read more from you soon!

This is furry nice to hear! We don't like to think of Max going to the Bridge, either, but he is smart to plan ahead. You seem like a logical choice to us!

Good start Buddah....but you might get more time if you don't defuzz Max.

Oh my Buddah! So nice to hear from you on Max's blog. We'll be watching for more from you.
Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

Hi Buddah😀. Glad to see you here.

Hope ya don't wind up wif a hairball!

Hi Buddah! I think it's nice that Max is letting you post. It's good to get your point of view on things too. I hope your blanket comes out real soon. It's getting brrrrs here in Massachusetts.

Welcome to your supporting role. Have fun.

Cool, Buddah! We look forward to seeing more of you here!

Geez, Buddah, your wrestling matches sound like Binga's! She does that sort of thing to Boodie all the time, except Boodie always comes back for more.

Nice to meet you Buddah, we've heard lots about you! might want to take a breath once in awhile...your sure can talk up a storm, MOL

Sasha. Sami, & Saku

Enjoy the blog time Buddah, cus bitin Max probobly wont egt ya more... MOL!

Good to hear from you Buddah. I do not like to think about Max going to the Bridge (or you either). I hope Max will let you blog here regularly. Love you both.

Oh, Merry Christmas.


Great job blogging Buddah! �� We hope Max let's you on the 'puter more.
Sonny, Little Whiskers & Charlie what happened ta de tizzuez...iz they still on de floor... ewe noe they make grate shreddz !! ☺

Glad to see Buddah is still saving up commas to use in his next life. Geo does the same thing.

Good job, Buddah! Just be yourself and no fighting with Max. His game or his blog, his terms.

Your words are so cool because get to the point! Thanks to Max for "letting" you write.