I'm CONSIDERATE, dammit!

Posted by Max | Posted on 11/25/2014 10:36:00 AM

All right, so the Man was the one to feed us this morning, while the Woman stayed in bed snort-snoring and drooling on her pillow. I ate, had some water, hit the litter box, and then went into the bedroom and crawled under the bed, as I do most mornings because it's a spiffy napping spot.

As I do every morning, once I was under the bed I meowed a few times, because it's polite to announce your presence.

So I meowed and then heard the Woman grumble, "Yeah, I didn't miss that at all, furball."

Excuse me?

I WAS BEING POLITE! I let her know where I was so that when she finally rolled her asterisk out of bed she wouldn't be all Where's Max? Where's the kitty? as she lumbered up and down the hallway, slapping those giant feet on the fake wood floor, worried that I somehow got out or someone broke in and catnapped me.

I was thinking of her, and that's what I get. "I didn't miss that at all, furball."

And she wonders why I did't act 52 kinds of happy to see her when she got home yesterday.


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Max, you just can't try to make sense of the peoples!

A cat is without honor in his own country.

Such bad manners on her part.


kinda like when we try N wake de food serviss peepul up at 3 in de mornin.. coz we noe they knead ta use de big box, N while they R up they shuld chex de cat food dish that we poe lite lee sits bye...
N itz knot like we R knot gonna go bak ta sleep, even if they due knot~~~

So next time bounce off her first before ducking under the bed ;)
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

We think there's some pillow-pooping in her future.

well that was like 53 different kinds of rood

She didn't miss you? How rude!

What! That's really rude. No politeness goes unpunished! Our Mr. Awesome is very polite!
Good work, Max!

I hate it when I'm being nice and the woman isn't. I feel for you Dude. Really.