I'll be right here until Monday...

Posted by Max | Posted on 11/19/2014 08:13:00 PM

The Woman is leaving tomorrow morning to go meet up with DKM and the rest of their team to walk for boobies, so I figured this spot right by the fire is a good place to wait. If the Man sits out here and watches TV, maybe he'll let me get online to see if she posts any pictures on Facebook, but I won't be able to blog or anything until she's back.

And that's all right. It's all for the boobies.


Oh! And look what the Man got yesterday.

Even he's getting tattoos that aren't of me!

It's pretty cool, though, and he didn't even cry.

See ya guys next week! My Ask Max Monday column will be a little late, but don't let that stop you from asking questions! You can leave them in the comments on this week's column, or email me at askmaxmonday@gmail.com.

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Nice tat! Paws up to your human too!

Well at least she left you someone to keep the fire on and to feed you!

That are a cool tattoo!

The Meowers bet you get up to nom yer meals. or do you have The Man trained to serve you noms in bed? if you do, they want to hire you to teach THEM how to train their daddy!

at least you are abandoned for a good cause :)

now that is an awesome little nook!

Good luck to the woman and her walk for boobies!

Abandoned? With just the Man to take care of you? Well, at least it's for good reason. Good luck to your Woman!

That tat is something else! Mom bean showed our bean brofur and he said cool! (he has tats, mom bean doesn't...they'd just sag like the rest of her)

Have a good weekend!
Sasha. Sami, & Saku

we stopped over frum mousebreath ta say...max & buddah....

ewe rock !!

yur interview wuz awesum ~~~

best fishes two yur mom, way kewl that her iz walkin.... N yur dadz tat two, while knot a lion ore a tiger.. iz still grate

Supportin the Boobies...