Because Amazon is freaking fast...

Posted by Max | Posted on 11/15/2014 11:04:00 PM

The print version probably won't be available for at least a week, maybe two; we still have to see a proof copy and then approve it before it even goes into the distribution channels...but if you read books digitally, Amazon has it.

We haven't actually seen the digital version yet because it went live so fast, so hopefully there are no bugs to work out.

And Buddah did write the only Buddah can.

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Just got it!

I got it too.

Got it! The Hotties will probably make me read it out loud to them.

We has to wait for the print version, because mom bean is cheap and won't buy us a Kindle. But we'll keep reminding her!

Concats on your new book Max!

Got mine, love the waffle that is Buddhas intro.

Just got it... can't wait to dig in!

Man your person is fast. It's on my wish list for Christmas...

How cool! It's going on our Christmas list.

We'll be waiting...

I'm trying to read one chapter per day but it's super hard since this is such a good book. Spoiler alert: for anyone who doesn't have the bok yet or who hasn't gotten to chapter 5 you're going to start having feelz tears.

Hey, Max, your Mousebreath interview will be published this Friday. Check your email for a message from us.

Can't wait to read it!

I just got my copy! So far it is awesome! Great work, Mr. Awesome!

There do not seem to be any glitches that I can find unless I totally missed a minor spelling error or something. It looks totally awesome, dood! A fine writing masterpiece!

Got it!

Your awesomeness amazes and astounds. Another winner!