Just ordered 50 copies of the book

Posted by Max | Posted on 11/26/2014 06:00:00 PM

All righty. We got the proof copy of the book while the Woman was off boobie walking, and it looked good, so she gave the distributor the thumbs up on it, and it'll start popping up in online books stores.

BUT...it's $11.95 unless it goes on sale and even then it'll be over $10. And for a short book, I think that's too much, but that's what it worked out to. So we ordered 50 copies that should be here in plenty of time for giving as gifts (if you're in the U.S.) and we can price it way lower, so if you want a physical copy of it and not the digital, order it from me.

It's only $6.50 plus shipping, which is $3.00...that's still less than ordering it from Amazon or B&N.


Non-U.S. orders are $8.50 US plus $3.00 for shipping. That seemed to be the easiest way to account for the extra costs in shipping. Just use the drop down menu in the Paypal link above to see the International option.

Bonus: I'll pawtograph copies you get from me.

Now, of you read on a tablet and have a Kindle app AND an Amazon Prime membership, you can read it for free. For reals! I highly recommend you get it this way. I still get paid a little bit per borrow and it's a really short book, so you might as well get it for free.

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WooHoo! Just ordered my copy!

We'll get it for the mom's kindle, but we'll buy it too. We want a copy with your pawtograph. :)

I already read the entire book on my kindle but I am still ordering at least 3 pawtographed copies for friends and family! I want to grace them with Max awesomeness! I might even get one for me! Who knows!

We have it on Mom's kindle but we wanted your pawtograph Max! You're famous.
Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

We don't read books very much these days, but on the other paw, your pawtograph might be worth something some day, so we are counting our allowances and considering...

Wow, yeah that's kind of expensive. I'll have to wait a few days until next month's budget kicks in and I see what's what.

And my pawtographed copy arrived! Thank you thank you, you have wonderful toe floofs, Max!