Posted by Max | Posted on 2/24/2014 10:25:00 PM

Okay, so lately it's been warm enough during the day to have the front door open so that we can get some fresh air. I do enjoy this, and if there's a breeze I'll even stretch out on the floor there.

But after it gets dark, it gets chilly. So before the Woman goes to bed, she turns the heat on.

Except last night.

No, last night SHE was not chilly so she went to bed and didn't think about the kitties who were not burrowed under heavy blankets. Kitties who do not have hot flashes all night long. No, she didn't think of the kitties at all.

This morning when the Man came home from passing gas, as soon as he walked in he declared it to be Too Cold and HE turned the heat on. And then doods, he had to do it. He had to do the unimaginable.

It was kinda like this...
He had to chip icicles off my useless nipples.

And I have a lot of nipples!

This is not an experience I would choose to repeat. Luckily, he'll be home tonight so the heat will get turned back on before the last person goes to bed.

I really need to work on figuring out the right angle I need to press the switch that turns the fireplace on.

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Ow. This doesn't sound pleasant at all.

We like to pile on the Mommy during a hot flash to make her feel better. Heh-heh.

Have a great Tuesday and keep those titties warm!


I will say, Max, that this would NEVER happen here! Besides being in southern California, my human turns on the heater if it dips below 70!

Yes, our heating bills are outrageous.

BRRRRRR.....that makes us cold jsut to think about it!!

The Florida Furkids

That sounds terrible, Max. I'm used to cool nights, though--my mom always turns the heat all the way down at night!

Those hot flashes screw with their minds too.

Oh man--the least she can do is get you a heated bed! I mean really!

You need a heated bed, dude, to get you through those cold nights. You would NEVER survive in Minnesnowta! You west coast kitties really have it rough!
It's 4 degrees here. Granted, I live in a warm apartment. You could come visit but it's too cold for you to travel, right?
Sorry for being snarky. We get cabin fever here. Mommy says it keeps us warm....

Hmm! Icicles on your nipples.That sounds a little titillating! Wes likes to pile on our Mommy when it is cold, is yous shut out of the room?

You need to have some heat in your house at night. From what I hear you guys are going to have some major rainstorms on Friday. So the woman ought to leave the fireplace on or else let you under the covers on her bed.

Um, prove ya have more nipples. Just saying a claim should be proven.

Maybe you should try climbing under the covers - women having the hot flashes can be quite toasty warm!