I'm winning the routine change

Posted by Max | Posted on 2/20/2014 10:03:00 PM

Steak from a previous night. But it looked like this..

So far, victory is mine.

I've been waking the Woman up at various points during the night--90 minutes after she goes to sleep, 3:30, 6:00--and at first she was resistant, but now when I start singing out she pats the bed and I jump up, and she gives me sleepy head skritches until she falls back asleep, usually with her giant hand making kind of a blanket for me.

Yesterday, she and the Man left the house about an hour before my dinner time and I was worried because they often are late with the noms when they leave like that, but 45 minutes later they were home and they brought some still-warm real live fresh dead cow for me. She even chopped into bite sized pieces and we still got our regular dinner.

Then this evening was I hungry pretty early, like 3 hours early, and at first she just thought I was being a pain in her asterisk with all my meowing and trying to herd her into the kitchen, but when I ramped up the requests and kept trying to get her attention while she cooked up some real live fresh dead chicken for them to have for dinner, she decided that I really was HUNGRY and not just being me. So I got some bites of chicken, and then doods, she went ahead and opened a can for us. 45 minutes early!

Better yet, I heard her tell the Man that it might be a good idea to open another can before he goes to bed at 4 a.m. Now, part of that is she wants to sleep, but part is thinking maybe Buddah stole some of my breakfast (he's been doing that) so I might be in need of noms.

You know, after he feeds us at 4 a.m. I'll have to do the polite thing.

I'll have to wake her up to thank her for having him do that.

I bet I get head skritches, and maybe even body tickles.

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We don't say it very often, and never, ever right to her, but our mom is good about getting up when we wake her. Even if it's way earlier than she'd like...bet you can get the woman trained like that.
What's really weird is, we don't do it much any more. I mean, just knowing she'll do it is good enough. Know what we mean?

You're the king of hoomin training!

our the mom will never ever get up just to feed us. after all these years she is untrainable.

Well I think you are doing the right thing.

Hey Max, did you enter my contest? You have to guess a day when our snow will melt. It's really fun. Please visit my blog and enter. Thank you furry much!

Good for you, Max! My mom is completely untrainable, no matter how much Caroline* screams and howls and pleads.

*I let her do the dirty work.

Ooh yeah, Max. Perky person pep squad cheers for you.
MAX! MAX! He's our man.
Noms are his not from a can

Max you are one of the most thoughtful kitties we know! The woman will certainly know your gratitude!
They went out to eat & came back after 45 minutes? Eat & run indeed.

You are such a good kitty to thank her!

Max, we need to take lessons from you. The mom does not get out of bed early no matter what we do. We don't think she's human.

You touptally need to wake her to thank her for the early brekkie.

Max dood you really have got it figured out! That sound like you have got the schedule totally figured out and readjusted! Warm dead cow too YUM! Bonus!