First I was =ewww=

Posted by Max | Posted on 2/15/2014 08:27:00 PM

Earlier today, after the Man got up, I heard the Woman tell him they were eating the brat for dinner. Now, I was half asleep so I was pretty sure I heard her wrong, but I started listening just to be sure.

And yep, she said brat.

Only she got all hoity toity and pronounced it braaawt, like she's the kind of person who drinks with her little finger stuck straight out.

I was a little grossed out, to be honest. I mean, I can live just fine without Buddah around, but to turn him into dinner?

And then I heard her say that if I wanted I could have a little bite.

Doods, I like real live fresh dead things, but I have my limits. Still, when I heard their silverware clink on their plates, I had to go see. You know, in case they were licking fur bits off their knives or out of the pan or something.

I got into the kitchen...and Buddah was sitting there in his box, watching them.

He was fine.

I was only marginally disappointed.

Now, I don't know whose brat they ate, but I gotta tell you, he was tasty...

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MOL!!! You were ALMOST a CATtibal...

Max, you are too funny!

Wow! you really had us going till Mom showed us a brat!


Thank goodness you dared yourself, Brat really is pronounced Brot and it's fresh dead pig or something. Sausage anyway.

Phew, Buddah must be relieved. Saku would be too, MOL!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku


I checked mine and he is still here, nomming real live fresh dead toona!

HAHAHAHA, we eat brats all the time!

We're not sure you weren't a little disappointed there, Max. MOL!

Love brats here! The fur never gets caught in my teeth! (Just joking, Max! ) Brats also need a good brew! Take it easy, Max. Ya have nothing to fear.

Uh, mommy loves brats. They kinda smell interesting, but I'll pass.

well maybe it was Miles.

Some braats are more acceptable kitty food than other braats!

You gave our mom a much needed laugh with this one...licking the fur off their knives....!!!!!