Cold! Wet! Awesome!

Posted by Max | Posted on 2/27/2014 11:06:00 PM

What rain might look like...
The people are all excited because we've had some rain the last couple of days, but this weekend we're supposed to get more of it. Not just rain, but RAIN. Like, more rain in a couple days than we've had in a couple of years.

They're also worried about getting too much rain at once and potential flooding, but mostly, they're excited about it.

You know what I'm excited about?

When it rains, the Woman doesn't like to go running around, taking her laptop to some guy's house named Star Bux. where she does the exact same thing that she does at home: plays on Facebook and reads stuff at FARK and reddit. Or wait, Star might be a woman. I think she was on some TV show the people used to watch, the one that had walking toasters and and a dood named Uhpaulo. So I can see why she'd go hang there, because that lady was totally badass.

But when she stays at home and it's cold and rainy, it means I have a lap and I have the fireplace thingy going, and if I play my cards right I do the sleepy yawn thing and lead her into the kitchen where I get crunchy treats.

AND I looked in the fridge and she bought a lot of meaty things to make for dinner this weekend, so I'll probably score some real live fresh dead meatloaf, chicken, and porkchop. At least I think the one thing was porkchop. If not, there's something real live real dead sitting in there, and it's not appetizing.

I might have to let her sleep a little extra tonight, just to be sure she's not too sleepy to cook all that stuff for me.

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It sounds like you have a great weekend planned, Max!

Beats my plans!

Sounds like a plan. I'm hiding under the blankets. We might get snow. OF course the woman is all worried about her plants that are starting to bud already...

The fire thingy, good foods, sounds like a wonderful weekend. We are getting more snow!

Wow, that rain has lots of benefits! Enjoy your weekend, Max.

It's so great how everything is a win-win for all you guys. You get your fresh meat and a lap and the people at your house finally get rain. You'll be seeing what the rain brings the next time you look out the window. The outside will be green instead of dry and dusty.

Sounds like a good weekend plan!

You could have had some of our rain Max, we have had more than we know what to do with in the UK!