New routine working just fine...

Posted by Max | Posted on 2/06/2014 04:37:00 PM

I decided to mix it up a little. I've kind of overdone the whole singing in the middle of the night thing, so I decided to just wake the Woman up a lot during the night. Only I'm doing it nicely, so it's taking her a bit to figure out that she's tired for a reason.

Take last night.

She went to bed around 12:30 and was asleep pretty fast. I waited until 2, then jumped up by her head and meowed softly into her ear; she woke up a little, skritched my head, and then rolled over.

That was fine.

At 3:30, I did it again. And again she rubbed my head and behind my ears.

Then at 4:30.

And at 6:30.

And at 7? Well, that's time to get up and feed the kitties. She fought it until 7:13, rolled out of bed and shuffled down the hall to open a can for us, and because she is not a morning person, she went back to bed.

That was fine, too.

But at 8 I wanted to nap in the big comfy bed, so I jumped up by her head and meowed, then plopped down and curled up near her head. And every 5 minutes, I meowed again, until she sighed hard and got up again.

I was nice; I made sure she did everything she's supposed to, followed her into the kitchen to make sure she got a drink, and when she sat down in her chair I told her "See ya, sucker!" and took over the bed.

I've done this just about every night for a week.She's starting to catch on, because I heard her whining to the Man that I keep waking her up, but she also said she can't really get mad because I'm not being a dick about it. I'm just meowing and then curling up by her.

I am so totally winning this. I mean, I don't really know what this is, but I'm winning!

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We dunno Max...if we kept waking our momma up every hour for a week, ee would not be winning. Her magination would go Uh Oh, Oh Noes What's Wrong. Tgen we'd be in the PTU and off to the V-E-T!!!

Dip & Dot

It's all part of the World Domination plan. After all, World Domination begins at home.

Keep mixing it up! Cause it is so good to win!

Heh-heh, I kept sleeping on my human's ribcage til it made her sore AND it took her WEEKS to figure it out! HahahaMeow!

Now she's on muscle relaxers and pain killers and the second-coming wouldn't wake her. LOSE.

Sounds like you got a good thing going. Keep it up!


Pee Ess - that was posted by Princeton, aka Hell Kitteh.

MOL! Keep on going!

Yup, you're definitely winning. Weirdness in a nice way. Sort of like you are a clock that keeps track of the hours. Sort of like saying "? o'clock and all is well". Then doing snugglefest. Which completely cancels out ANY badness you ever did in the past. You are a true valentine when you want to be no matter HOW much you deny it. Keep it up.

If you managed to kick the humans out of the big bed, then you are winning!

Sounds like the mixing it up is working well. I usually sing to my mum around 3.30. Lately though, I have been telling her there is an introoder getting in over the prison fence and I have to machine paw the window until she wakes up and shines the torch outside. She says my claws scraping on the glass is worse than my singing to her.

Keep up the good work, Max! You rock, dude!