Posted by Max | Posted on 2/22/2014 01:48:00 PM

All right, so I heard the Woman coming down the hall and figured she was going into the giant litterbox room, and when she goes in there I can get some prime tummy rubbing time. It's pretty much perfect; she sits there and I flop down at her feet, roll over, and she'll rub my tummy right where I want her to, and only for a minute or so which is all I want. If she touches a place on my tummy I don't want her to, all I have to do is set my teeth on her hand--I don't don't bite down because I'm neither as crude nor mean as Buddah--and she moves.

I get tummy rubs, there's a time limit, we both leave the room happy.

But today she decided that while she was in there she needed to wash her hair. I don't disagree with this; as short as hers is it still does these funky WTF things where things stick out in opposing directions, kind of like a drunk frat boy at a party where there are girl he thinks he's impressing but really is only convincing them that birth control is a very good idea.

Now, other than the fact that I am ready to leave the room when she does this, I don't mind being captive during the washing of the hair. I like to sit on the throne (she keeps the lid closed out of habit...which started when the little crackhead came to live with us, out of worry he would jump in and drown himself, which I am sure he would have) and watch the water swirl in the bathtub before it goes down the drain.

Well...her giant head was in the way (she kneels on the floor and leans over the tub to accomplish the hair washing) and I couldn't see, so I decided I needed to get closer. If I could look over her shoulder, I could watch the water swirl.

So I jumped onto her back.

I did have a terrific view of the water, but she started laughing, which made her whole back jiggle, and that was a lot like trying to sit on jello.

So I laid down, my belly to her back, so I wouldn't fall off.

And she just kept laughing, like it was odd or something. How else did she expect me to be able to watch the swirlies?

Anyway, I finally had to just get off and try to watch from the throne again, because she warned me she was sticking her head under the faucet and I might get wet if I stayed there. And no one wants a wet Max.

She gets points for not just doing it.

Still, it occurs to me that there needs to be a perch over the tub so I can watch things. A little looking around Amazon, and I see there are these shower bench thingies that would work just fine.

They're meant for old people to sit on while they take a shower.

So she totally needs one anyway.

I just have to figure out a way to get her to buy one. Her birthday isn't for a long time, so I don't want to wait for that. But there has to be a way to convince her she needs this. Because I think she kinda does.

The fact that it works for me, too, is just a bonus.

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I have one of those, for rough days, but I'm still Brat and Rags' favorite perch in the tub, and I have the scars to prove it.

Our Mommie had to get one of these after her heart attack. They are actually a lot of fun. Just tell her she looks like she is having a heart attack!

Okay, yeah--you talk her into that Max. I'm not at all interested in my human when she's wet. Don't we all bathe her enough?

OMC we've never even gone NEAR the tub! You're really brave.

The Florida Furkids

Ummm, mum just uses the sink if she needs just a hair wash. If she tried to do it over the tub kneeling, she might get stuck and not get up again.

I like ta sit on TBTs back whenever he kneels over fer anny reason, like cleaning a floor or bent over a table ta read the noospaper. ~ Ayla

We have one of those benches from when Grampa was here. Too bad it wont fit in the tunnel or we would teleport it over fer ya.

How in the world does the woman lean over to wash her hair under the faucet? That's in the middle of the tub. She must be very tall if she can do that. Anyway, if you guys had a tub chair you can watch the action while she's washing her hair. You won't have to lie down on her. Also, the chair would be good if she wanted to soak her feet after one of her charity walk-a-thons.

Max, we're surprised you didn't try help to wash the woman's hair. ;)

Max, my dad wants one of these for when he's feeling lazy. Be careful of tubs. I slipped on once and mom was afraid I broke my hip and wondered how she'd explain that to the vet. There is good water for the licking after the people come out of there. Love Jack O. Lantern

Bazinga The House Ninja says his mom bought one for Warm Furniture when he was broken and she got it at Walmart for not much $$.

Sounds like a win-win situation to us. Let us know how you like it. MOL!

Max, you mads us laugh just telling us about this!

MOL! I try climbing on the laundry hamper, but I keep falling in lately . . .


Even my own perch would not get me near a tub when there is water spewing!

Why can't you wash her hair for her?

That's Julie's thing too. She loves her belly rubs when Mom is on the throne.Our Mom closes the lid too.
As for getting near the water...nah.
That stuff is too wet and flies all over the place !
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
and Angels Tiger and Tillie

Wes LOVES those bathroom tummy rubs! But yous knows what Jo-Jo does (which mes thinks is furry strange) she sits on Mommy's tummy when she is laying in the bathtub reading! Weird or what!

I jumped on moms back a couple days ago as she was bending over moving books from a bookcase. When she does this it's my chance to get to the top of the bookcase and its impossible any other way.