Why can't I just take a nap?

Posted by Max | Posted on 3/28/2013 05:03:00 PM

Look. Clearly you can see I was sleeping quite nicely, and I was comfortable.

So what does she do? She tries to sneak up and get a closer picture.

Can't a guy get some alone time? Uninterrupted? Sheesh.

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Sheesh is right, Max. Now why would she interrupt a good nap??

Oh Max, I totally know the feeling. I get NO peace around here!

As long as there is a flashy box, we kitties will never get any peace.

Well, to be fair, no hoomin in a house with kittehs has ever, in all of recorded history, been to the bathroom alone. I call it a win.

I sympathize, Max. My human has done that to me, too. We got your great autographed book a few days ago. I could smell you on it. Mom loved reading it.


ANd it does not matter how quite they try to be, they are still loud!

Us too Max! Every time she spots us napping together its picture time.
Where's all the books & clutter? Is that a book-free zone?

I really really hate that.

Let sleeping cats alone. You look really pi*****d.

Poor sleepy Max! It is tough to get alone time especially when you are such a handsome feline and now famouser! So sorry that you couldn't sleep when you wanted it. Mighty Kitty knows that feeling......especially with two cats and two woofies! Try the man's closet and have him put the bed there! I am sure he knows what it is to like a mancave.....or cat mancave.