Lap Time

Posted by Max | Posted on 3/23/2013 08:54:00 PM

Ever have one of those days when all you want to do is curl up in a lap and snooze? Yeah, that's been me for the last couple of days. I wasn't sick or anything; it's just that there was an available lap and I took it. And I kept it. Well, except for the other night when the People left the house and came back five hours after when I was supposed to have dinner, and I'm still a little miffed about that.

I heard them talking the other day, too, and learned that they're going back to Las Vegas so they can mock the Younger Human in a really nice hotel about turning 30. I think it's mean, but whatever. It means one thing to me: I get the Grandma for a few days. And the Grandma FEEDS ME. And she's nice to me. Did you know that the last time she came and stayed with Buddah and me that she slept on the sofa because when she was going to go to  bed we were already there and snoozing, and she didn't want to bother us?

So yeah, we're looking forward to that.

But that's over a week away. In the meantime, I'll probably grab as much lap time as I can. From the Woman, anyway. The Man will probably be in the room with the rumbly bikes a lot. He's been going out there to make pens and stuff, and he's made so many pens and stuff that the Woman was all like, You need to sell that crap and get it out of the house.

Okay, so maybe it was more like, Hey, these are really good, you should sell them. So he's selling them. And people are actually buying them! Who knew he had talent?

So now he has a real website and an Etsy store, and he's selling the pens that he makes. Yesterday he made a couple of different things to help women put bracelets on their wrists when it's hard to do with just one hand...the Woman was all Oooh shiny! but he hasn't put those on his store yet because he needs to take pictures, and the Woman made him quit playing in the rumbly bike room because he needed to go to work and pass gas.

Yeah, he's not allowed to pass gas at home. He has to get in the car and drive 45 minutes away, and doods, someone pays him for that.

Man, I do it and it's all damn Max, what the hell? No one pays me, and trust me, I'm AWESOME at it.

In fact, I think I'll curl up on the Woman's lap and give it a whirl.

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Go for it, dood.

We'll hop over to the store and check it out.

Oh, enjoy your lap time, too. xoxo

Max, I like your grandma! My human is totally rude and plunks herself down right in the middle of the bed, disturbing any kitty that is already there!

I totally wish that I had a grandma to come and feed me. And I can't believe your woman got your man to go away to pass gas. Ours does it here and man is it awful...

Max, the only problem with wanting to snooze in the mom's lap is that she gets up and moves us when she's had enough. Can you imagine that? She should have no say in the matter whatsoever! Your grandma sounds cool.

grandmas are the BEST!

smiles, auntie bee

Yous is pretty lucky that your Grandma comes over to takes care of yous. The last time my peoples went somewhere - (it was like 5 million years ago) My human brother came over. He is so cool. He plays video games and lets us snuggle with him, he gets down on the floor and PLAYS with the hairy slobbery sisters and takes them for such long walks all they does is sleeps and he threw treats at us to watch us chase them! Cod it was wonderful!
Wes loves your Daddy's pens. Mommy says she is going to has to get one while they is still available!

Max, you is too funny, MOL! Our mom passed gas laughing...pewww.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Oh, Max you make my day. You are soooo lucky to have such a grammaw.

I'm going to go right away to check out the mans store. I keep going to his passing gas site but nothing is ever there! (I am a retired nurse and have many friends who are payed to pass is awesome, while the rest of us have to WORK!

Max, dood! The pens are awesome! purple? As a card carrying retired person, I LUV purple. Could you sit on his lap and tell him to make a purple one?....nonononono, sorry I forgot myself. Maybe the Woman or Buddah would consider helping? Pleasepleasepleaseplease?

Absolutly Purple with passionate prefferences for purple pens!

THe Pens are awesome. He could make sewing things, too. Like seam rippers and stylists!

Are they rainbow farts Max?

Max it is wonderful that you had all those laps! We have no grandma cause both are at the Bridge and they are happy. Our grandpas are there too. You have an awesome grandma and we think that grandmas are created to be really loving and to spoil us! This Mighty Kitty will be looking for your wisdom on Monday. You are an awesome cat!

If ONLY we could wield pens...

Um, do you suppose he could make something so we could hold pens?

Erin, you missed the purple pen, someone bought it a couple days ago. But the Man said he can make another one this week! Maybe Tuesday. Keep looking!

Hey Max, those pens are cool! Mom has the arthur-eye-tis thing in her hand and needs her pens to be FAT. Does the Man make FAT pens? Lucky you to get the Grandma when your people go away.

those pens is da bomb!!! the mom will haf to order one! or two. MOL.

Millie, the Cigar style is pretty fat, but there's a style he doesn't have in his store yet called a Navigator that's slightly bigger. He'll probably make a few of those soon, too.

Hey, I think a lot of our beans could make a living passing gas, at least the natural way.

I am in awe of the awesomeness of your Grandma who actually slept on the couch rather than disturb you. That's just....well, awesome.

We'll go check out the pens too!

*The Woman sounds like she's getting bossier in her old age.
*Your grandma is Teh Awesome!
*Those pens! Mom says they are beautiful and shiny. She loves that one with all the bright multicolors! She's drooling actually. It's not pretty. Trust me. -Shaggy