Spring...dangit. Or Yay. Both?

Posted by Max | Posted on 3/08/2013 08:40:00 PM

My view looks a lot like this...
Yeah. I looked out the front window and the cherry tree out there has all kinds of flowers on it, like it got attacked by the bloom fairy overnight.

The people have also been opening the front door during the day a lot; it's nice because we get a breeze most of the time and after surviving winter in a house with Buddah, we need the fresh air.

But man...with Spring getting here and the stuff outside popping out with flowers and pollen and bees bouncing around out there, it means it's getting warm enough that pretty soon, the Woman won't turn the fireplace thingy on for me at night.

And that, my friends, that gives me a sad.

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That is very sad!

Why can't we have spring in morning, summer midday, autumn evening, winter nights?

Aaaaw Max! I am sorry you will be sad but you can always go in the bed with the Woman. I know she won't mind and think of all the warms blowing with the fresh air too!

You can come share our fire if you want Max! But that is a pretty tree!

You are right, Max, that period between the fire getting turned off and the sun puddles getting back up to speed IS kind of a bummer.

Yep. Da little gurlie gits to go in and out, in and out, in and out. We has to sit at da screen door just sniffin' what freedom might be like. It's torture.
Kimo and Sabi

Max, I think you should totally be able to ask the Woman to turn the cold air thingy up to freezing at night so she can turn the fireplace thingy on for your purrsonal enjoyment. Guilt her into it man!

Wow Max, that's a beautiful sight outside your window. Enjoy it while you can. Trees don't stay pink for long. We have SNOW all over the place outside here, so no open windows and good smells for me. But the fire thingy is on all the time if you want to teleport over.

max i have an idea! (i KNOW!) anyway does that fireplace have a clicker? if it does watch which thing that woman presses and when she's not looking you tap it with your paw. you don't need thumbs to do it either!

smiles, auntie bee

Enjoy the warms that come in from the out, Max! Soon you will be so warm you won't miss the fireplace!
sue and Purrcilla

PS, check out the picture, Max. This is our former King of Catz, Bubba, who went to the bridge after a long reign. He looks like you. He loved computers and helped a lot with them.

Well, it's still a little cold here, Max, so our fireplace still gets turned on...but only in the evening. But we know that the day is coming soon when the mom won't turn it on anymore...and that makes us sad, too.

You is lucky Max, we's got feets of snow yet, and no spring in sight. Mom did let us out in the sunny room for a little while today but she says she won't heat up the outdoors too. Sheesh!

Saku, Sami, & Sasha

It will be two more months before the bloom fairy shows up for our tree.

THAT settles it, TBT was decided on a spaceman tree [TBT: specimen tree] and we GOTTA have that! We can just imagine us girls up among cherry blossoms!