Happy Birthday, you little monster

Posted by Max | Posted on 3/15/2013 01:12:00 PM

It's Buddah's 8th birthday

His best side....
I suppose I have to be nice to him today. I hear there might be some real live fresh dead shrimp tonight, and I'd like to get some, so...

Happy Birthday, Buddah Pest. I didn't buy you anything because the Woman wouldn't take me to the store, so my gift to you today....you can have the Woman's lap for half an hour tonight while she reads or watches TV. You're welcome.

Oh, and I need to mention something...three people bought a copy of my new book, expecting it to be pawtographed, and were a little disappointed when it arrived un-signed. In order to get it signed, it has to be purchased from the Paypal link under where it says "Purchase Options" and has the yellow BUY NOW button.

Books purchased from Amazon or Barnes & Noble will not be pawtographed, because they won't let me in the distributor's warehouse. And because I don't want to fly there.

I have 2 copies still on hand, and will order a few more if those sell.

And no worries...I gave the people who bought unsigned copies an address they can send the book to, and I'll pawtograph and send them back. I'm mean but not that mean. Usually.

Oh, and I gave Feedly a try in place of Google Reader, and so far I really like it. If I try another one I like, I'll report back.

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Happy Birthday, Buddah! That's quite the picture - not sure we've ever seen that side of you.
We need a pawtographed book. We do. We need one now. Heading on over...

Ah Happy Birthday to Buddah! And the Woman needs to remember to actually USE Feedly... Sigh.

8? WOW!
And STILL a monster?
Dude, need backup? I'm a girlcat and I could smash him for you.

Happy Birthday sweet Buddah Pest from Mighty Kitty here! Hope that you have a great birthday and your pose does feature a wonderful side of you! Just don't let your wee asterisk get too chilly! LOL

That's quite an interesting side to you Buddah. Happy Birthday!

Buddah, you are hilarious - Happy 8th Birthday to you!!


Happy Purrthday to Buddah. We hope you both get something real live, dead.

Love the best side of Buddah as well.

Happy birthday, Buddah bud. Love the shot!

Happy Birthday, Buddah

Happy Birthday, Buddah!

Heyyyyy the Great 8!! Happy Purrthday Buddah!!
Good luck on the shrimps, Max. Pretty generous, dood, ½ hour!

Happy 8th Birthday Budda Pest!!!!
Mom feels that way about birthdays too ;)
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Happy Birthday Buddah!!!

The Florida Furkids

A suggestion, Max: I have pawtographed bookplates that I send off to readers who snail mail me a SASE... it saves postage! Also did you know you could electronically autograph digital books? Here is the link: http://www.authorgraph.com

Happy Birfday Buddah! And, may we say, outstanding butt spot... MOL!

Mommy says that's the EXACT pose she wants to do on her birthday! MOL!

Happy Birthday Buddah! Um, are you doing some kind of yoga?
Love the toesies!

Can I pass along a Libester award to you as a birthday gift? If so, just go to my last post to grab the icon for your page.

Happy Birthday! and it is a wonderful photo!

Happy Birfday, Buddah! You're looking very fine, there, though perhaps someone should teach you about Modesty Tail. On the other hand, ou live with Max....so forget it. Heh heh.

Happy 8th Buddah. I am surprised you have lasted this long considering that other cat you have to live with. I hope you are blissfully clueless concerning what portrait was chosen for your B Day post.
Yes, it dies stink about Google Reader being taken away. I wasted a half-hour this AM trying to locate an email address at Google that I could complain to about Readers demise % the awful way they have reconfigured the Images so you can't trace the image back to the owners post without additional steps. Guess Google wants all the credit for other peoples images, that they take for their purposes. Never did locate any email address for Goodle Users comments. Should I be surprised?

Happiest of birdydays Buddah butt! I see you know just which is the best side for the pawparazzi.

We are be trying the feedly too. So far we like it. I only wish it wouldn't distinguish which blogs we 'follow' and which are just in our reader (which means we are following them too) Guess we should visit our settings and get a human worth a damn who can figure this out.
Meantime, we is waiting to order a copy of Max's new book (That Woman is so tight with papers right now) and when we gets it we will be so thankful cos there's so many times we say that very same thing to Her!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Pssseesss: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy Birthday~!!
And that is a wonderful pose!!!

I've reviewed your every single blog post..and it was awesome..will be back to read this blog soon. :)

Happy Birfday, Buddah!

I wants to subskribe by emails to ur bloggy but dint finded teh thingy.

I lurvs U Maxy!

Rosie Johnston

Hey there! So nice to meet you. Blogger is bein' all boogery and won't let me follow you with Google Friend Connect. You have an e-mail or Atoms feed I can use?

Buddah Dude, Happy Birthday!
We are late getting here because the people have been out of town and you know how that goes.
We remember when you were a wee kit and what a handsome sleek mancat you've become.
Happy Birthday....and many more!

I need my Kindle book pawtographed!!