Nom Swapping

Posted by Max | Posted on 3/04/2013 08:26:00 PM

Buddah and I have a thing worked out, but I don't think the Woman has quite clued into it. If we're having something that one of us really likes and the other doesn't, whoever doesn't like it eats most of it, but leaves a little bit on the plate for the other kitty. I don't remember exactly when we started doing this, but it seems to just happen.

Back when Buddah was smaller and we ate next to each other
Like tonight. We had some stinky goodness that was good, but it's not my absolute favorite. Buddah really liked it, so he scarfed his and then jumped down to the floor to wait and see how much I would leave. The Woman was all, "Oh no you don't Buddah, you let him finish," but he wasn't trying to stick his face in my plate. He even waited while I stepped back and decided if I wanted to finish it.

When I was done, I walked away; there were a couple of decent bites left on the plate for him...and it blew the Woman away. Like she never noticed that we do this. It's kinda like the steak from last week or the week before; yeah, I jumped on the counter and ate it, but Buddah was done. He didn't care; he sat there and watched, but if it had mattered to him, he would have gone about 4 kinds of apechit.

Granted, I did get onto his spot on the tower after, but that just made it funny.

One of these days, she's going to finally clue in: we don't necessarily like each other, but we're fair.

Well, except when it comes to soaking up the fireplace warms. I'm not sharing the primo spot with him. He can plop down a few feet away and get the leftovers. He tried getting close last night, but I popped him on his head. He was so scared, he rolled over, a half an inch away.

Oh yeah, I made him move.

Oh! For those who want a print copy of my book but don't want a pawtograph, Amazon now has it listed. It says it's out of stock, but that just means they won't order anything from the distributor until someone buys a copy. The Woman bought one, just to push it along. But at least they have it listed now.

Clicky here if you would prefer to get it from them. I haven't checked to see if B&N has the listing yet. We're curious to see who gets copies first: if we get our 25 from the printer first, or if Amazon drop ships before that.

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Humans just want to be all up in our business. If they would chill they would see what is really going on!

Humans need to get a clue sometimes. They think they're observant but they aren't really...

At least Buddah isn't a FOOD STEALER, like somekitties (cough, cough, Binga) I know...

You two are lucky! Princeton is a huge food stealer and so is Chi Chi! Mommy has to watch them like a hawk!

You guys have it together, unlike having a D.O.G. that swoops in the second you pause for a breath between bites because he thinks you're done!

You two are so polite. And, Max, I think you are very devoted to Buddah although you might not want to admit it, being the king of the world that you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purrcilla says hi!

We sorta do that to if mum gives us stinky goodness.

Hmmm...I don't know who eats what between you and Buddah, but I must say, Max, either you've slimmed down or Buddah has bulked up!


We do that sometimes. And sometimes we just switch bowls...just to mix things up a little.

Wally & Ernie

Yous guys has your own dishes!?! We shares one cat food dish.

You boys are models of ManCatly fair play. I am verreh impressed!

Oh Max!!! What a splendid arrangement! You and Buddah are such wonderful cats! Tell the woman that I have to get a couple presents for my new "niece kitten" and I am eager to have some shipped to you and Buddah! I love to make kitty's happy like that! By the way I got 2 pawtographed books so I have one for my friend! Mighty Kitty here.

We do bowl-sharin here. TBT has been savin stinky goodness cuz we get 3/4 of a can each meal (but 4 times a day) so the last meals is all werd. So we trade off a bit fer our favorites.