Posted by Max | Posted on 3/01/2013 04:35:00 PM

Ok, doods, we have ordered 25 copies of my newest book (and can get more, no worries about running out) so we can take orders for them--but it'll be a week to a week and a half before we get them and can then ship them to you.

If you don't live in the U.S., no worries; I'll ship, but I have to charge a couple extra bucks for the difference in shipping costs.

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Link will be in the sidebar, too...

Many thanks to those who have already bought the Kindle version; we're still trying to figure out a way around the exclusivity thing to get Nook copies to those who want them.

And don't worry...pretty soon I'll blog about things other than my book. Surely one of the People will do something so stupid that I'll HAVE to talk about it.

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Ordered a pawtagraphed copy! But sign it to BratCat or I'll never here the end of it.

Can mes gets one with a pawprint and a signature?

Mom can not decide if she wants the nook version or a hard copy!

Max will be thrilled to pawprint and sign it, Nellie. Just be sure in the little box to check for customer comments you tell him how you want him to sign it.

Bob found a free program that will convert kindle files to nook format. Here's the link.

Max, being the impatient one I am, I had my mom get the Kindle version. She read it out loud to us and made us all laugh. Had to come sit on her chest and purr real loud when you made her cry but we all think THIS BOOK ROCKS!! Thanks

Marty the Manx

Hi Max

We got mum to order 2 copies so that we can keep one for ourselves and give a pawtographed copy to our 4 kitty cousins so that their mum can read it to them too - they just moved so they need chearing up.

Pip & Squeak from across the pond

Love your Kindle books, including this one, Max. Can't wait to have the real hardcopy! :) >(^,^)<

Sue and Purrcilla

Hey Max, The Human says that we can buy your book as soon as the 15th comes. She tried to 'splain that to me but it dint make no sense at all. As soon as she starts talking about green papers my pretty eyes go blank and glaze over. But she said it's only elebenty days or maybe eleven. I'm bad with numbers.

We are heading over to buy a pawtagraphed copy right now!