I've been cheated...maybe for YEARS!

Posted by Max | Posted on 10/08/2012 10:38:00 PM

He thinks he's cute
Ok, so I got suspicious about something, because every night Buddah walked past me, smelling of crunchies.

Every night, after I smelled it on him, I went into the room where the Woman was, usually the living room where she was planted in her comfy chair with her computer on her lap. She would look at me coming in and say either "Hey there, Big Guy" or "Mister Max, where ya been hiding?" but she never got up to get ME anything.

So the last few nights I've made sure I was in the living room at the time just before Buddah comes sauntering past me with betrayal on his breath.

Doods...at 10:15, almost on the dot, Buddah stands on top of his tree near the kitchen and lets out this pathetic meow; the Woman looks at the clock, then looks at him, and says, "Okay, you can have something."

I don't know how long this has been going on--Buddah's not talking--but no one EVER came to give me crunchies or to let me know this was evening a possibility.

So tonight at 10:14, before he could let out that wail of pathos, I jumped up on the arm of the sofa nearest to her comfy chair, and asked NICELY, and doods, she looked at the clock, asked, "You want a snack?" and then got up and got us treats!

I'm not sure whether to be glad that Buddah trained her so well, or to be really, really ticked off that I've been missing treat time for maybe years and years.

You can bet I won't miss it again.

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I think you've been gypped for quite a long time, Max!

Little brothers can be sneaky!!!
Always know what they are doing ;)
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

As the saying goes, Max, "you snooze, you lose". Glad you woke up and smelled the cat breath.

As the saying goes, Max, "you snooze, you lose". Glad you woke up and smelled the cat breath.

Better late than never! Younger sibs can be really sneaky, so ya gotta watch!
Really, Max, you shoulda suspected this a while ago.
But now you know. You better follow your brother around more!

Oh, the catmanity!!

dood! i am so glad you finally found out about this! i wish someone would get me something crunchy at 10:15, man that would be lovely!

smiles, auntie bee

I think you need a pile of treats to make up for all the years you had to do without. Really.

I *told* you there was a plus in having a little brother.

We think Cheysulie is right. It's making-up time! Bring on the treats!

The squeaky cat gets the grease!

Oh, Mam, you have been cheated!

At least you found out what's been going on Max. Good detective work!

Enjoy your treats, MOL

Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)

Max you have been losing out. Mum only gives treats when we are both around. We like that.

Max, the woman owes you extra treats...make her pay up.

Max? Was yous dropped on your head? It tooksyou this long to finds out? Me is so dissapointed.

You should get double treats until you catch up, right?

It pays to keep track of what the others are doing. Thats one reason I spend a lot of time in the cat tree where I can see almost everything going on! Or on TBTs lap, which is even better. ~ IZA

Is there anything else that Buddah is getting that you are not? Maybe you should follow him around a little more....


Yep, I'd follow him around too.
xoxo Kassey