Ha! I *KNEW* IT!

Posted by Max | Posted on 10/15/2012 12:00:00 AM

SOME kitties are allowed on the table!

At least, I don't think any person is gonna make him get down...

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That is what Binga thinks she looks like when she is on the counter - MOL!!!

So is that all I have to do to be able to eat on the table?

Russell doesn't care about the table so much as THE AMOUNT OF FOOD some kitties get to eat!

I'm pretty sure I'm the same size as that guy. I behave as if I am, nonetheless.

Nope, he can eat anywhere he wants to!

OMC, it's ME when I have dinner!

Snacky treats on demand, too!
*note to self - look into getting stripes, very slimming!*
~ Vicat

DEMAND your rights, Max!

Our mom says he can have whatever he wants, MOL

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Can that table even hold him???

Hey! How did yous get inside my head and takes a picture of me!

Okay, who's going to be the first to reach for that bowl and set it down on the floor? ... Anybody?

We bet they dont take HIS temperature the way they do OURS!

OMC!!! That's one big cat!!

Look! He has a special bowl right beneath his regular bowl to catch his spills. I bet somebody serves that one right up to him too. And I bet noHuman says, Oh no, Kitty, sorry! No more treats for you tonight!

Menow that's a big kitty. I'd get under the bed while he eats..mol
xoxo Kassey