Posted by Max | Posted on 10/04/2012 10:31:00 PM

If you saw this on the Woman's Facebook tonight, you have to know it is NOT what it looks like!

Really, I was just trying to sniff her breath and see what she had for dinner, because she didn't have dinner at home. Oh no, she went to see Denny and she didn't bring anything home for me.


So I needed to check to make sure she didn't have any of Denny's grilled chicken, because he always sends me some grilled chicken and she might have eaten it on the way home.

But I did NOT kiss her.


I mean it.

Not even a little bit...

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I think you might have a LITTLE bit...

*whistling noncommitedly* erm...ok Max, if that's what you're going with... but it sure LOOKS like lubbins... And it's perfectly okay to dollop out affection to your hoomin occasionally, throws them off guard. But, erm, yeah, not kissing, got it.

well dur, of COURSE you didn't. want me to go to facebook and post that cause i totally will! ha!

smiles, auntie bee

Max, the paparazzi always try to cause scandals!

When I was young I never knew what what my mother meant when she said about protesting too much . . . ;)

I admit to smelling the Woman's breath sometimes. And sometimes they have something stuck under the nose and you just have to lick it ya know...

Maybe Denny wasn't there last night. Because wouldn't your the woman do what mine does--breathe on us on purpose when she's had something fun that she didn't share?

sure, sure...just what they all love you peep, just admit it! paw pats, Savannah

Did you lick her face just to make sure?

Me believes yous!

A cat must check to see that his apes haven't been nomming foods that should be for you. We know it wasn't a kiss

Thank you so much for your kind comments to us on the loss of our Oliver, we miss him so much.

Gerry & Oliver

I think this needs to be reported to the proper authorities. Hee hee.

Awwww, that looks like the ending to a very romantical movie!

Sure Max we believe you. We gave you an award.

Methinks the ManCat doth protest too much.

Just sayin'.