Doods, check it out, I got a new bed to lounge on in front of the fireplace thingy. Which is not on but should be.

The guy in the blue shorts brought it today; it's a gift from an admirer! And the timing is really good, because I was a bit under the weather this morning (horked a couple of times, but I'm fine now) and nothing makes a guy feel better than presents. Especially awesome presents!

I hope Buddah doesn't get any ideas, 'cause this is MINE and he got some toys instead, because he's a crackhead and loves the little felt nip toys.

The talking head on TV says it's gonna get cooler this week and rain, so I'll probably get fire in a couple of days. IT'S ABOUT TIME!

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your pals, Morgan & Maisie

I wish we could have a fire on... but our fireplace does not work! Typical here in SoCal. But what I really want to know is who your admirer is...

Hmmmm those Shorts Guys always bring kewl stuff, wonder if any of them need kitties....

Wow, Max! That is an awesome bed! Enjoy your fires!!

Max, we'd like to know how to get an admirerer. Because we have NOTHING for kittehs at our house.

That is a great lounge for the fireplace room

What a great gift! You are so cool to have admirers like that!

Oooh,wheee (whistling). That is a heck of a bed. Wow.

Aw, how sweet that you have an admirer, and that they have good taste!

You make that look good!

PAWSOME BED! We would make FONT that larger, but we cant. But its THAT PAWSOME!

whozers, i'm supremly jealous, that looks soo cozy.. mind if i borrow it?

New nap spots are always welcome.

Now that? Well, THAT's a bed fit for a KING! Don't you think? And wow, in front of a (could-be) fire too. Sigh. I has the envious. That thing is crackin'!

Rooting for the Giants, my furiend???

Happy blogversary.

BTW the bed looks pawsome.

Handsome Max, you got it made, nice bed and a fireplace too.
xoxo Kassey

That is going to be a mighty fine thing to lounge on that bed in front of the hot fire thingy!!!

Looking nice!