The window has two sliding parts that open, but one of them the screen fell off so the people never open it. So when the other side is open, this sometimes happens:

Yeah, I'm not thrilled about it, but what can I do? Well, aside from bitch slapping him off the couch and onto the floor, but that would get me into trouble. Plus I had just eaten dinner and didn't feel like moving much.

And he didn't stay long. Luckily.

If he had stayed...well, I might have reconsidered and pushed him off. Might have been fun.

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Got to love you Max and Buddah!

And then you could have watched how he fell...

We are actually fairly polite about sharing views here.

There is a strict one-kitteh-per-window rule at our house that is enforced! MOL! - from the Enforcer

Uh, Max? That view of your back end is not too flattering. It looks like diet time, and you definitely don't deserve that!
All windows in my partment are MINE! I might let you have one of them if you ever stop by. Maybe.

We knew you had it in you to share, a little.,

Always worth teh effort.

Hey, a cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do, Max.

One of our windows has the cool air thingy in it, so we have to share the looking out window...doesn't always go so well :( Dot does more of the slapping than Dip...sister cats can be such @$*)#s!!!

Dip & Dot

We do pretty well here about sharing the view out of windows. But we DO each have a differnt FAVRIT one!

Plus it gets you points (we hope) from the woman who now thinks you might be a wee bit tolerant and getting to like him after 7 years.

OMG Max, I have just seen this educational video about the dangers of kitty crack (the link came from Henri, le chat noir). The video is truely awsoma and scarry!