Okay, this is why I haven't posted lately, or been able to visit my friends:

Yep, my staff has been ill and the only thing going on around here has been making sure she doesn't wander outside the house in her underwear and snoopervising her prolonged periods of rest.

Seriously, doods, she's been like part cat, sleeping almost as much as we do.

It hasn't been too bad for Buddah and me; the Man stayed home from passing gas to open cans for us, and he even kept our litter box scooped out reasonably well. But man, I'm glad she's starting to feel a little better because all this checking on her and sniffing to make sure she's still in there inside her head is exhausting.

Major props to Mao for covering Ask Max Monday for me this week. I just couldn't get online to do it, what with all the sleeping that was going on around here. I appreciate it, bud!

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I hope your human feels LOTS better soon - it's such a pain when they are sick. So many things don't get done.

We're all sorry to hear your woman's hasn't been feeling so yucky! There's no point of playin THOE if you can't end it by stompaling over somebody! Bummer. Our mums murmured something about hepacatus since they went to eat at that seafood restaurant without you. What? Oh. Now mum's correcting me, she saying it’s hep-a-tite-us. She telling us you can get it from eating not quite right fishy stuff. We think she might have brushed whiskers with not so fit strangers. Now Angel Mae's pestering me - she wants to make sure we say we all wish you Mom to Get Well and Feel Better real soon. Angel’s also been saying something about Ceiling Cat was watching over you and Buddah by keeping both of you safe at home that day!

It's always a major drag when staff gets sick. I'd advise you to nurse her back to health but we all know you're just not that mushy.

it is such an inconvenience when those who care for us are sick and we have to do all the work ourselves.. not to mention taking on the extra work of making sure they are still in there. I hope she makes it up to you! :)

(I hope she's feeling better soon!)

We're glad that she's starting to get better so you can get a rest. I mean nursing humans is such work.

The noises they make when sick! Gross! Glad your woman is better.

Max, I am sure you have been a very good nurse!

Aw, Max...we hope the Woman is feeling better soon. She needs to get back to taking care of you.

That does look serious. Hope she gets better enough to cater to you.

Yikes, you have had your paws full. Don't forget to rest yourself.

Hmmm, fer YOUR sake only, we hope the Woman gets up finally fer you... Of course, iffen she died an all, you COULD get a new one...

Good to hear your bean is getting better, it's never fun when you has to train someone else.

We're sure you've been very helpful to her while she's been feeling ill.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)

Yeeeewwwww! She's getting her sick-cooties all over YOUR couch, Dood! Make her stay in her own bed!

The Human says that's not a very nice comment, and that I should express care and concern about her well-being, but you know what? I'll leave that to her. It's just not in my nature.

I DO hope she's better though so the level of service provided by TWO Human Staff can return.

I am so sorry to hear your mom is sick. I was getting worried since you hadn't posted in several days. Keep up the good work and help her heal.

It's so hard when our mums are not feeling well. Our dad tries, but it's just not the same as mum's loving touch and our food tastes so much better when mum opens the cans.

Hope your mum is up and about soon.

Oh, Max, how awful for you! All that work, snoopervising and checking that she hasn't "gone away". Serves her right for going to lunch with the other kitties without you. Still two staff are better than one, so, healing purrs to her, hoping she feels much better very soon. Purrs.

Laura & Taffy

Geez, Max. Isn't she better YET??? Or is she just slackin' now?

You want us to round up the Cat Blogosphere to come over & pounce on her?

Haz you tried pooping on her pillow? Its a classic move, and I suspect there iz healing properties in our poop because of how quickly they leap out of bed once a good poop iz delivered.

Good for you for doing nursie duties in a manly way! You keep her warm, you get scritches from dad! Plus for her, plus for you times two.
Hope she is improving and will be up and working on your book soon. Gotta help out the staff, sometimes, huh? Get well, Woman, the household king wants his book worked on!

We are glad that she is up and able to offer some service to you! That's a great sign. I hope the Male didn't make her sick. He does that you know...

Good to hear your Mom is feeling better and starting to get back to serving you as she should!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)