See, the Woman is getting better...

I offer this as proof, so just ignore the fact that the Man is giving me skritches from the other chair.

Look closely; I am on the Woman's lap.

She is wearing PANTS. Real pants, not shorts-that-could-be-underwear-pants.

When a person starts wearing pants again, they feel  a little better.

She's been the one to open cans for us in the evening for the past few nights, which is another good sign. And she gave me some crunchy treats this afternoon, just because.

What she hasn't done is help me work on my book, but I'll let that slide for a few more days. She's got pants on but I don't think her brain has fully engaged yet.

I hope it's not permanent. I just thought about that. If this is a good as she's gonna get, I might be screwed.


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Whoa--well, thank Cod Max. I was worried she might be permanently outta commission! Pants, well pants *are* a good sign. But so are shoes and I don't see any yet.

Hee-hee, our Mom don't wear pants on a good day. We're in trouble when we all start using video! Glad to hear the Woman's on the mend. Happy Wednesday. xoxo

I guess it takes time to get into a pants frame of mind...

Getting out of bed and putting on pants and opening cans! SHe is making great progress!

The Woman clearly needs caffeine this morning. She just commented on the wrong post. At any rate, I hope the Male was not the cause of her illness, you know how he is...

You know how it is, Max. We get older, they get way older. And slower, too.

More, importantly, haz she showered? 'Beans smell funny at the best of times and when they are sick? Ugho! Offensive to delicate feline sense of smell and Not in a stinky goodness way. Pants are good tho'.

Max, it sounds like she's on the road to recovery, thank cod.

Glad she is dressed, nekkid beans are not fun to watch.

Pants, shoos... We think shoos are a better judge of Bein health. They can walk without (many) clothes, but not without shoos.

We just gave you a reward!