What the heckola is this...

...and where the bejoobity is my red square bed?

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Maybe the fire scared the red bed away .
What are those wheel things and do
they like the fire too?

What the heckola is a bejoobity? MOL


We just saw that in the noospaper yesserday and even The Big Thing can't figure out how it werks!

Wait, wait - the humans moved your red bed and replaced it with THAT?!?! Is this some awful joke? I think retribution is in order, my friend!

Never seen anything like that before.

We think it looks like a coat rack.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel (& fosters Sunny and Sky)

Did yous look under the people bed for your red bed? That's where I found mine...

They took your bed away? NOT OK!

Something NEEDS a toothy death. NOW!

They replaced your nice red bed with a bike/trike or whatever with no seat? No, not good.

Did the fire eat your bed? Did the bed go
somewhere else to live? Like at the neighbors?
Not fair to you , you should have bed-by- fire
back !!!!
Poor kitty.

kay lee Kelly

Did somebody get an erector set for Christmas or sumfing? They're not doing a very good job.

And why are they doing it near the fire?

And where is your bed?

You could leave a "gift" on THEIR bed, Max.

Run! I think that is a cat-flattening device!

You always crack me up, Max! But I think you really need to find your red-bed... I mean, seriously, where will you nap?

holy carp - what the heck IS that?

That thing is apparently a gawddammit machine. And my bed got moved back into the Woman's office, which is ok, I guess... I still have the other bed and the cutout by the fireplace thingy...