I know, I know...I get a big fat F in blogging these days. It's really not my fault, though...I'm at the mercy of the Woman, and she's been "working" a lot lately, which means she's either delusional and thinks someone is going to pay her for her Facebook status updates, or the books she's working on is starting to gel and she needs to get it out of her head before her brain explodes.

No one needs for her brain to explode. It's not like she has a lot up there to start with.

On the plus side, when she's that involved in her writing, she tends to forget is she's given us a crunchy treat, so I've been getting extra...

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I am glad to see that you are at least working your humans "working" to your advantage treat-wise, Max!

Cool. I'm glad you're getting fed. Of course if her brain explodes the brains might be good too. Except I hear humans can get mad cow. Can cats get it from eating mad humans who have their brains explode?

I'm really Glad i discovered this site.Added psychokitty.blogspot.com to my bookmark!

Well, at least there's some benefit (the extra treats)!

This blog cracks me up! great job!

Keep encouraging her Max.
Sit on her computer as much as possible and be sure she rubs your head for good luck.

Dear Max
Yous gets extra treats when shes working hard?
My Mom forgets treats when she is working hard! How do you do it?

Way to go, Max!

Extra treats are always good.

Well, if it is worth extra treats, who cares what she is doing!

Well, getting extra treats is always a good thing.

extra treats are a good thing - tell her to keep up the good werk!

Hey, that treat situation can definitely work to your advantage. We'd milk that for all we could get.

Hey, iffen her brain explodes, would that mean you would get a new Woman? Or would they just sort of shovel it back in?

Well, thank Cod you're getting fed regularly. My Human is not awfully reliable lately either. They're very....capricious.