Man, I was just hanging out in the thingy with the fuzzy blankets by the fireplace, when all the sudden I jumped and smacked my head into the wall.

And you know what? The woman laughed.

I smacked my HEAD, and she laughed.

Then a little bit later the talking head on the TV said there was an earthquake in San Jose and that some people felt it all the way into the east bay. Well, we're a little further out from San Francisco than the east bay, but the she wondered if maybe that's what startled me. She didn't feel anything, but she's a lowly people.

It certainly can't have happened because I had a bad dream and jumped, and just happened to go head first into the wall.

It was the earthquake. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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Wow! That earthquake smacked you into the wall and your human didn't even feel it? That's sad. And that she laughed at you--double sad. You need fishy flakes. Or something.

The earth is quaking by you? Not good Max, it can toss you out of our bed, you can get hurt.

Are you concussed? Poor kitty.

We are sure it was the earthquake and not a dream.

MOL ...That's a great earthquake ! I laugh out loud : )

So here you were, trying to warn your fambily, and they just laffed? It doesn't seem fair!

Max, it's SUCH a trial living with humans. Except at gooshey food time.

Oh, it was TOTALLY the earthquake! Your dumb human was clueless. Laughing, feh.

Some Humans are beyond help! You tried to let her know what was happening and she just laughed. That is not right.

I hear you Max. Earthquake. Definitely. It's not OUR fault that the Humans lack sensitivity to the subtle shiftings of tectonic plates. You stick to that story, Bro.

My favorite whack my head has been running into the closed sliding door. Has yous dome that too!

Oh yeah, it was totally an earthquake!

Of course you felt the earthquake! Cats have very keen senses.

We're glad that you are OK - other than the bump on your head.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel (& fosters Sunny and Sky)

That was meanie of yer human mom tw laff at yew when yew hit yer head but then humans do that every time we gets hurt! Of course it was the earthquake. Yew are tew brave and fearless tew gets scared over a bad dream.

Earthquake. Definitely. No doubt. Happens all the time out there...

absolutely. earthquake. ::nodding heads::