There I was, minding my own business, walking from the back of the house into the room with the TV and fire place thingy, when I spotted it. Right there on the thingy where the Woman usually puts her feet, placed perfectly upon a paper towel, was a warm, butter-slathered English Muffin.

Now, clearly there was no person there consuming the perfectly placed, butter-slathered English Muffin, so obviously it was up fro grabs. And I didn't want to eat it, I just wanted the butter.

So I walked over to it and then jumped up on the thingy where the Woman usually sticks her feet, and began to lick that warm, melted butter, getting my tongue into all the nooks and crannies to make sure I got it all.

Then I heard her.

"Just what do you think you're doing?"

First, I wanted to know where she came from. She was not in the room, so that means the muffin was not hers. Then all I wanted to know was, basically, what she wanted. A bite? Hell, she could have the whole thing when I was done with the butter part.

She sighed hard and then said, "Well, that was my fault for leaving it there."

Yes. It was.

She picked it up--I wanted to grab her hand and stop her but I know better--and then she held it out and said, "Go ahead, lick a little more."

So I did.

It was kinda sad when she threw it away, but by then I was done with it, so all is okay.

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huh - we just share....

I bet your human learned her lesson huh

Yous is a lucky kitty, Meleted butter!

Your Mom threw it AWAY? I would have re-buttered and ate it. It can't be any worse than all the spit-laden fur I ingest...inadverdently and otherwise.
Mommy Trish

it it was just sitting there ans no one was around, it was up for grabs or licks!

Max, we're glad the woman saw the error of her ways and let you have that butter....

Well that was nice of her to share. After all, I think she secretly wanted you to have it otherwise she would not have left it out like that.

MELTED butter??? Well, duh! Of COURSE it was yours! I'm very glad to hear she understood that much at least. It was a little insulting of her to throw it away, but since you were all done with it, pfft.

The Human says thanks to your Woman for all the toof info; she's kinda hoping it can be saved though, because the one in front of it was yanked out already so they're hoping to use this one to anchor one side of a bridge -- more KA-CHING!


Iza here: I must explain something. The cats who came before (and Ayla) seem to accept that good smelly unattended food ON TABLES was not to be touched..

With Skeeter, LC, and even Ayla, steak, chicken, and even shrimp could be left on the table safely (from TBT's point of view).

I do not accept that rule...

TBT has learned that, unless he wants to engage in outright animal cruelty, he has to protect his food if he leaves the room. He puts it in the micro wave box... Or puts a pot lid onit.

But sometimes he forgets. I think I get more Bein food than the last several cats combined.

So iffen ya get some from time ta time, more power to ya!!!

I think its our right ta have what we can get. Stinkey Goddness is great, but Bein foods are STUNNING!

I haven't got at anny butter yet though.Is it really THAT GOOD?

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At least the butter wasn't wasted.

Melted butter sounds yummy. I have gotten a few licks of the soft margarine Mom uses. You are right. Unattended food is up for grabs. I am glad that your Woman let you finish up the butter before she threw the muffin away.

We think your mom could have added a bit more butter....LOL.

We don't like human food, so the mom can leave anything out and we don't touch it. She wishes we *would* eat her food--at least the meat/poultry!

she could haf washed it off and eated it.

Oh now we has a craving for melted butter too! We agrees, if she left it, it's yours!

I'm the same way, except I'm partial to plain Philly Cream Cheese! Mmmmmm.......Scout

We don't like Beans food much but we do love melted butter. Mum puts it thick on toast and lets it melt. We try to lick it when she eats it.

Yeah, this Human would have just put more butter on it and eaten it up. What's a little kitty spit in the grand scheme of life?

On that note, we have a hamster on the loose in the house and not one of the 4 kitties is willing to help look for it.

you know the saying "move your feet, lose your seat?" ....well....leave your muffin you are out of luck! (yeah I know it doesn't rhyme! lol)

It was very nice of your Mom to let you lick all of the butter!

I am so glad I have English Muffins in the house because you sure have me wanting one right about now!