People. PEOPLE. I swear, if you come at me with this stuff, your life will be filled with more than pillows pooped upon and treasured items treated to a toothy death. If you try to attack my plaque, I will EAT YOUR FACE OFF while you sleep.

I thought a little warning was only fair.

This time.

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I think it was an appropriate warning...

Absolutely. Just goes to show how kind you really are.

Freya has such bad breath, I'm not sure which is worse - losing your face, or getting oe more whiff!

Whoa, what IS that stuff???

Mi brudder mickey sez... Get rid uv da plaque or get rid uv da teeth.
Jus sayin.
Im yoozin mi momz ipad. It hazza h.

Oh Bast, what the hell is THAT???

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Maybe you need to invest in some pepper spray?

is that for teeth?

Fair warning!

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Dude... maybe some vishus deer repellent will work on them?

They were warned ...

Show 'em your fangs. That'll scare them away!


No No Nooooo!

Hmmmm. Do your humans have welding gloves (to hold the wild cat that you are) and Goalie masks (so yous don't eat their faces off) If not, then me would be worried if me was a people.Nellie

We saw a commercial for this stuff and let me go on the record by saying I'm with you, Max. There will be NOTHING sprayed into MY mouth!!


We are feelin rather lucky that TBT thinks we have "sweet breaths". Tooth sprays or brushes would be horrible!

we had a whole "oral hygiene" debacle a couple of years ago.

What is that? Tell your people to get tasty CET chews off the innernets.

Have they used this on you before, Max? It might keep you away from the stabby place for a while if it helps your teeth. Otherwise, you go to stabby place, they knock you out and clean your teeth.

Gross. Almost as gross as the so-called treats I got after I had my teeth cleaned and the vet tech said they would act like cat dental floss. Hello? Dogs eat things like dental floss, bozo.

Took the fun right out of even thinking about eating them.

Yep, that stuff looks evil!

Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

Yikes, Max I have to agree! I'm not so fond of dentists, either! Good you gave your humans advance warning!