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We've heard about these, but are not sure they're being sold in Canada yet. The mom will have to look!

We want, we want! We did not get out mom moving fast enuff and now der is a blizzard happening...guess we'll hafta make do wif da five bags we have.

We've been hearing about them, but we haven't got to try any yet. Do they get the Psychokitty Seal of Approval?

I've heard about them too, but my human does not buy me Temptations. :-(

Mom said she never heard of them but she'll check.

Mama got us some Sunday! Are they not awesome?!?!

Try not to hurtcherself, Max. Srsly.

Huh. We're guessing you like?

Is this a "Max endorsement"? It is a good thought, but not all Catnip flavors is created equally.
I guess we tries them to see.

They is GUUUUUUUUD!!! Two claws up!!

We hasnt seen anny of those show up here yet an we would LOVE nip crunchies! Bbut at least we gotta nip plant struggling inside through the winter...

All we can say is this ice better melt soon so Mom can get to the store!

yeah we read about those online a few weeks poor cody can't have them due to food allergies :(

We've heard but we haven't had any yet!!

If its supposed to be eeten by a kitteh, I won't eat it. Dat's Wendell Law.





We heard about them too but haven't seen 'em yet in the stores!

Hmmm. I myself have not ever been a fan of Temptations, but this new twist gives me pause. I might have to send the Human to the store.

*faints* oh my Bast. yum yum give me some.

Hey, what is that weird thing where your red bed is supposed to be? Didja ever find out?

I know what you mean about lack of blogging time. At least mommy doesn't have to spend time on the computer job hunting anymore!

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