Y aknow, a bunch of you told me a long time ago that I'd probably like using Google Reader to read blogs, since Blogrolling was having a months-long case of PMS. But I stuck with my blogroll, checking 50-60% of the blog on it every day (I used to do them all, but I gots too many now). But after they "fixed" Blogrolling and there are ads, and it's slow...I opened up Google Reader (I had put my blogroll in there a long time ago) and dang! It really is easy! I don't have to check hit and miss cause it TELLS me who posted!

I'm not going to delete the blogroll because it's there already, I just won't really use it. But maybe now I can get to more blogs every day because I seem to have more time, now that I'm not opening each and every blog by paw.

I know, I'm late to the game.

In other news, I lounged in my PTU this morning and hocked up a hairball in it. This pleased the Woman, as evidenced by her saying "Oh THANK you" as she cleaned it up.

I do what I can.

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