It's a conundrum, it truly is. Spring is here, which means the windows and the see-through door that's impervious to Buddah's Claws of Doom are open and we can feel the breeze come in, and it's really, really nice. I can sit on one of the climbing trees ad talk to that rude kitty outside, even though he won't answer me. It's just lots of fresh air. it means the Woman isn't turning on the fire place thingy. I like the fire thingy. It has a blower on it and it blows hot air out, and it hits the floor right where I like to nap. It's like a sunspot on demand. Well, on demand if she would turn it on.

She says I can't have it both ways. It's either warm enough to open the windows, or cold enough to turn the fire thingy on.

But I would like to have it both ways.

It bites that I can't have it both ways.

What would be nice is if one day it was open-window-nice, and the next day it was cold and rainy and fire-thingy-nice. The Woman seems to think that would drive her nuts, but hey, that's just a bonus!

See what I mean? A total conundrum.

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