Ok. So the other day Buddah finds this thing that looks and smells like a treat. So he tastes it and sure enough, it's a treat. But the Man sees it and gets his panties in a wad, and takes it away.

A perfectly edible treat! And he throw it in the trash!

So later on he went to pass gas, and the Woman went to bed, and Buddah got all stealthy and when she was good and asleep, he went into the extra room where all the unwanted boxes live and started digging around.

He made a lot of noise so I told him to be quiet, but he kept digging around and pretty soon he tossed down this treat bag and dooods! It smelled like BACON! So I chewed the bejeebers out of that bag, hoping to nom off a little of the bacony goodness. BACON, dooods!

But then it happened.

SHE woke up.

And SHE came in to see what was going on, and she took the bag away, and you know what she said?

"That was full of dog treats, Max."

Excuse me???

We don't HAVE a dog. IT WAS BACON!

But Buddah stayed very quiet and I could see he was eyeing the box he'd gotten the bag out of, so I didn't say anything. I waited for her to throw it out and go back to bed.

But...between the trash can and heading back for bed her brain engaged and she came back into the room to check the box. And dooods, I wanted to cry. Inside that box was a PILE of BACON. Oh, she still says it was dog treats, but I know what BACON smells like.

And she threw it away!

And then she closed the door so we couldn't look through boxes for more!


I am still so upset.

How could she just throw it all away???

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