Things I liked about today:

  • When I went in to wake the Woman up this morning, she saw me and said "Good morning!" and not "Get the phk off me."

  • We read a book about a cat named Dewey. This will important to y'all next week.

  • After the Woman went for a ride on her rumbly bike she made a lap for me, and gave me tons of chin skritches.

  • Buddah didn't get any chin skritches.

  • I got to sit on the desk right where hot air blows out of the laptop, and that felt very good on my...well, where my goodies used to be.

  • The Woman called me a pervert, but she didn't sound mean about it.

  • She made another lap for me and we watched TV. I let her rub my tummy.

  • When I asked for dinner, she looked at her watch and said "Sure." And then we got chickeny stinky goodness!

  • Buddah still hasn't gotten any chin skritches today.

  • Ok, so he won't sit still for any. But still. I got them all today!

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