A couple weeks ago, the Woman got this email. It said (in people ways) Hey! You wanna read this book about a cat? It's really spiffy and you'll love it and you can even give it away on your blog!

Well, truly, it was meant for me, because who even reads her blog?

Anyway...we curled up this weekend and read all about Dewey the Library Cat. And let me tell you, Dewey was a pretty awesome doood. And pretty tough. And smart...he totally knew how to train people.

If you don't know about him, Dewey was dropped into the Spencer, Iowa library book-return box on a very, very, very cold winter night back in 1988. It was so cold that because the box was metal, it was probably colder IN the box that out of it. The little dood shouldn't have survived the night, but he did, and the People that found him were appropriately in awe of his Awesomeness, and declared HE SHALL BE OUR KING! Or maybe just our library cat. But the thing is, they gave Dewey a chance that whoever was mean enough to shove him in that box wouldn't.

The book is the story of what comes after, how Dewey, just by virtue of his innate awesomeness, pretty much brings a little town together by reigning over the library. We get a glimpse of small town life surrounded by tons and tons of corn, how important something as seemingly innocuous as a library can be so important to a community, and we get to know Dewey, who in his 19 years (19!) trained a whole bunch of people to serve him, care for him, and love him.

Doooods...Dewey had fans all over the world and could have gone anywhere and been anything, but he loved his library life and--get this--he LIKED Sticky Little People! He jumped on their laps WILLINGLY!

You're gonna love this book. It's gonna make your people leak, but in a good way.

And guess what? I'm gonna give this book away! If you want this copy of Dewey, The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched The World, leave a comment that says PLEASE ENTER ME (in so many words, it doesn't have to be exact) and your email address (if you don't want to put your email address in there, that's fine, but it'll mean it'll take me longer to let you know you won...)

Want a little more Dewey? You can become a fan on Facebook, there's a Dewey Look-Alike contest on Flikr, and a slideshow with video.

This is another short giveaway--last comment accepted on Thursday, September 18, 2008 at 8 p.m. Pacific time. This one is open to kitties worldwide! So enter now!

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