Aw man...we lost another good kitty from the cat blogosphere. Cap'n Nelson John LaPurr set sail for the Rainbow Bridge, and this bums me out mightily.

He was a wicked handsome cat, and a fine writer to boot. I hope it's all right, but I wanted to share with you something he submitted for We Are The Kitties: Read This Or I'll Bite You.

I'm slinky and sneaky, a sleek, naughty cat.
My black tail, black spot, and saucy black cap
Can be glimpsed near the site of crimes galore:
Spilled beads, torn book, and pens on the floor.

I commit planticide with teh greatest of ease,
And my glare brings the other cats to their knees.
If there's a place that shouldn't be seen
It's sure that LaPurr will soon make the scene.

In repose, I am haughty. My basilisk stare
Can chill you right through. You know you don't dare
Cross this kitty or ruffle his fur--
I'm Nelson the Wicked--N.J. LaPurr!

Salute, Cap'n.
May your journey to the Bridge be smooth,
Your sails full
With the sun lighting a nice warm spot all the way.

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