Hey! Look what the People brought home! They went out to get enchiladas, but came back with a spiffy new fountain!

Now. we've had a regular Drinkwell Fountain for forever but it started peeing on the mat, so the Woman declared "This must be replaced!" and the Man said "Yeah, whatever. Feed me first." So off they went, in search of enchiladas and a new fountain.

Since they're kinda cheap, I didn't expect much. Maybe one of those drinking things that squirt a tiny little bit at a time. I certainly didn't expect a PLATINUM fountain!

Now, I know I deserve a platinum fountain, but a part of me is a little suspicious, because when they start being nice, that means bad things are looming. Like trips to the stabby place. Or the withholding of Stinky Goodness.

Whatever. I'm gonna enjoy it for now. And I got to it first! Buddah sat in the living room and watched the Man put it together, but I sat right there to be sure I got the first taste. And you know what? Platinum water tastes better than regular. I drank and drank and drank, until the Woman said I I was going to explode in a furry, watery blob. While I might like the effect of that, I didn't think I'd enjoy the experience.

Maybe Buddah will explode. That I'd probably enjoy.

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