Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man! Today the people went out to buy fishies for the Man's fish tank (apparently they need replacing. A lot.) and while they were getting the fish the Woman bought Buddah a light-up rolly ball, and since she knew I wouldn't enjoy it, she got me this pad to lay on. And the best part? If she sticks it in the I-can't-wait-more-than-2-minutes-to-eat box, it's all warm! She heated it up for me and then picked me up and stuck it under me, and I was thinking oh, carp, just leave me alone and let me nap but then I settled onto it and OMG! It's nice now but during winter it's going to be awesome! I'm just surprised she thought about me while she was out hunting fishies, because I usually get the short end of these hunting trips.

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