Yesterday was a very good day. It was like the People finally get it! The Woman spent hours preparing a perfectly wonderful meal, just for me. It damn near drove me nuts, having to be patient and wait through all the smells drifting through the air, and then while the People taste tested everything to make sure it was perfect. Once they were satisfied that the meal was up to par, they both cut up the meat into bite size pieces for me, and even added these slimy (but very tasty) noodles to my plate.

And today! There was more! Again they tasted it first to make sure it was good enough (though I don’t know why—it’s not as if it changed from yesterday); while they ate I stood on my perch and stared at the Man, aiming my thoughts at his head (and worried that his skull might be a tad too dense), mentally chanting “mine, mine, mine.”

Again, it was very tasty. They also ate this orangey-looking thing that smelled like it was something I would want, but neither offered any to me. That was okay—this time. I was quite stuffed from the turkey and noodles.

Now I wonder what’s on the menu for tomorrow. It’s about time that they finally started giving me the sustenance I deserve.

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