She thinks she's spoiling me. She insinuated it in a sacarcastic sort of way, in any case. I was sitting on the ottoman, waiting (patiently, I might add, no matter what she thinks about the 15 times I tried to crawl into her lap, stick my head up her pants legs, and head butt her thigh) for her to get up and go into the other room--it was time, after all; I always get to sleep in the chair after the news is over--when she did actually did stand up and then lifted me from where I was at to the seat she had so considerately warmed for me.

Her comment? "I don't spoli you, do I?"

Hey, I'm not stupid. I know a snotty rhetorical question when I hear one. It's right up there with "Are you hungry?" first thing in the morning.

Hey, lady, how about a nice "Well, duh!"


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