My People were up very, very early today; it wasn’t terribly early for the Man, but it was Way Too Early for the Woman. And no matter what they tell you, it wasn’t my fault. I kept my mouth shut this morning, I didn’t sing for them, and I didn’t stand in the middle of her chest trying to smell the inside of her nose (though I really would like to, as it smells especially obnoxious today.)

No, they were up, I think, because there was no electricity. The Woman can’t sleep without a fan going, and this thing in the hallway kept chirping. It was loud, annoying, and hurt my ears.

He walked out the front door, yelling back something about wind and freaking cold, and she provided a warm lap for me, which truth be told I appreciated because it really was getting cold. I let her read the comics by flashlight, and when it was light outside, she fed me early, very early, and went back to bed.

Of course, the phone rang just a little while later and woke her up, but by then I was full and sleepy, all curled up in the blankets on her bed, so what do I care?

She even gave me my dinner early.

That means I can start bugging her for breakfast at 6 a.m. tomorrow.

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