They locked me in the bathroom! Not once, not twice, but just about every freaking day this week. I didn’t do anything wrong; I was just minding my own business, curled up on the chair, when the Woman grabbed me and shoved me into the little downstairs bathroom.

And she obviously had been planning on this, as there was food and water and a bed already waiting for me in there. But why? I didn’t poop on her pillow. I didn’t bring some dead thing into her bed. I bit her, sure, but only on the top of her head, and only by accident (I was licking her hair, it smelled really good, and I just wanted to see if it also tasted good.) I didn’t mean for it to hurt.

She muttered things about Strange People and Ceiling Fans and Loud Noises, but what does that have to do with punishing me?

The food and the bed are still in the bathroom. Not a good sign. I need to hide for the rest of the day, just in case…

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