Posted by Max | Posted on 6/01/2017 03:19:00 PM

You know what that means, right?


No one really knows exactly what date I was born on, but they guessed it was somewhere between June 10-June 25, so the people picked the 20th to be my birthday. But this is a milestone birthday, so I'm gonna celebrate all month long.

This year I turn sixteen, SIXTEEN. And you know what happens when your turn sixteen?


 As soon as I'm done here I'm going to the DMV website to download the manual so I can start studying, and then on my birthday I'm going to suck it up and let the Woman take me outside so I can go there and take the test. And maybe after that we'll go to lunch and then car shopping, because at this stage of my life I totally deserve a convertible.

A red one, I think. Or maybe blue, if I can find one in TARDIS blue.

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We think you should celebrate all month, Max. And even if it's only for that abbreviated time frame, you should get a gift a day. And they can get you the convertible for the last day!

oooh, if you find a Tardis one, let me know!

Mr. Awesome you deserve everything on your wish list! Just don't speed cause I don't think the Woman will pay a ticket! You are such a precious cat and I love you as if you were my kitteh. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Hey, Boodie turned 16 last month! But I don't think she could pass a driver's test. She a little, um, vague.

Binga turned 16 last year... she didn't know she could apply!

Happy birthday month!

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Sweet sixteen!!! Happy birthday Max.

Happy 16th Max!! G'luck with the driver's test. I know you can do it!! Ouija and Andy turn 16 this month as well. Andy's been driving a truck for Cat Trucking for some time now, but no one knew he only had a learner's permit!!

(I tried to get a birthday wish to appear on here. Just not getting it! Sorry)

Happy Birthday month to you Max!
Go for the gusto!

Way cool, Max! Tardis blue is nice, but I'm thinking a new dark green would match your eyes, and make all of the other cats jealous!

Study hard Max. Pass your driving test at 1 go.
When you've got your license PLEASE don't drive fast. Take Buddah along wherever you go Max.

Happy Birthday month. It's Raena's Gotchaday month so we're celebratin' all month too. She's still too young fur a driver's license, but she does a purretty good job drivin' da wheelchair. Big hugs

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Happy Birthday fellow old fart! Getting your license is overrated, says the thousand year old dad. Happy weekend to y'all!!!

Happy Upcoming 16th! We hear that The Master Motor Cars sells a vehicle in Tardis Blue. But you might want to be cautious about that...