So far, so good

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/06/2017 07:01:00 PM

Six days into my birthday month and things are awesome. The other night the Man grilled 3 little steaks for the Woman to cut up into treats for me...and then he made Hamburger Helper for them to eat.

Seriously, doods. I got steak, and they got Hamburger Helper.

In other the right sidebar, under my picture, there's a poll and I would very much appreciate it if you guys would answer the question. It's simple: for the Wick After Dark series, would you like to wait for 1 long book, or would you like to get it as 3 novellas (shorter, about 50,000 words each.) The way we're doing it, the final book would essentially have 3 stories with their own ending that merge into each other, so we can do it either way.

So, whatcha like? One long read or three shorter ones?

Please and thank you!

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You got the steak and the Beings got the hamburger helper? Max, we are IN AWE! YOU ROOL!

Steak??? YUMM! We got some of dat last month.

Wow, you certainly are large and in charge, Max!

I loves it when I get steak, but mum does not cook and save me my own like you get. But she did grill out tonight and yep, I got some.

PS. Mum doesn't do Hamburger Helper. Ever.