Doods, doods, doods...!

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/30/2017 06:42:00 PM

Ok, after crushing my hopes and dreams on my birthday, the Woman said that she had another reason for not letting me get my driver's license on my birthday. Apparently, not everyone passes the test, and she thought that if something went wrong, it would ruin turning 16 for me.

Hell, she went to take hers on her 16th birthday and the testing guy was really mean and yelled a lot, and in the end wouldn't even let her take the test because she didn't know where the high beam indicator light was. A couple days later, he wouldn't let her take it because the tail light on the car was cracked. So she knows about ruined birthdays from driver's exams.

But then...then... she got up super early today, and totally made this happen.


Now, I have some money saved up so I have to count it all and then set aside this year's Toys for Tots funds, but I think for once I'm going to spend some on myself and get a new car. I'm pretty sure Amazon sells some spiffy ones, so I know what I'll be doing tonight.

I think I want a convertible, but I'm not set on exactly which one.

And today got even better! She bought real live fresh dead steak for me, and tonight the man grilled it, and then she shredded it so I have steak treats for about a week.

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How cute is that? Congrats, Max!

When you do a Google search for this image it comes up as Rock Point Provincial Park in Ontario, but I don't know why...

Great! Are you old enough?

That is easily the most flattering DMV picture ever!

DOOD!!!!!!!!! We are just forever in awe of how pawsome you are. You need to get a RED convertible - it's what all the chicks love. at least that's what we hear

Concats Max!!! We hope you get a super cool car to drive. That will be pawsome.

Pee Ess: Sorry we missed your birthday....our mom bean is such a freaking slacker.

That is totally pawesome. You should get a silver catvertible. It will bring out your eyes!

Whoo weee, Max, you're legal now! Happy birthday!

Congrats on the driver's licence and the real live fresh dead steak!

We are doing the happy dance for you! Can we get a ride in your new car when you get it?

Max, Dood, you are a DRIVER! Go cruise the Miracle Mile in a baby blue corvette with wide whitewall tires and a fancy horn!

Max, you are rocking now! And steak too, along with that driver's license. Sorry to hear that your human had a rotten experience when she was 16 years-old; if you tell her that my driver's training teacher was also my brother's football coach, and he treated me HORRIBLY the whole time...maybe that will make her feel better about that old experience. I couldn't do anything correctly, as far as that teacher/coach knew...and it was just because of my brother, and not me! Grrrr...

How about one of these?

FANTASTIC, dood! I am so thrilled for you. I hope you have many happy days and years dating Meezer and all the kitty gals who want a night out with your awesomeness!